Amy Francis-Smith

Architect & Inclusive Access Consultant


As an Architect, Inclusive Designer and Access Consultant, I am passionate about improving the lives of disabled people.

I help individuals, professionals and organisations deliver beautiful spaces, grow inclusive cultures and create a more inclusive world.

I get right to the heart of the issue, focusing not only on the needs of an individual but for society as a whole.


  ♦  We all deserve a space that works for us
  ♦  Age or ability should not mean settling for second best
  ♦  Independence, dignity and freedom are Human Rights
  ♦  Futureproofing prevents heartache 
  ♦  Access ≠ ugly plastic grab rails!

Accessibility now is like Sustainability was 20 years ago, when they stuck solar panels on the roof and called it an 'eco-building'

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Disabled Adaptations

Disabled Adaptations

Accessible Buildings

Accessible Buildings

Wheelchair Housing

Wheelchair Housing

Part M Building Regulations

Part M Building Regulations

Disabilities Sketch


To name just a few!

Are you thriving or surviving?

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